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The Design

(DreamSpace's Master Plan)

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No, the world doesn’t have a shortage of houses for rich people.

But to think that the wealthy can’t help accelerate an innovation revolution for the #housingcrisis is shortsighted. So let’s get a few things on the table

The housing industry faces two colossal crises:


Problem #1:

A supply/demand shortfall affecting millions of people in what once was flourishing cities of opportunity and accessibility.


Problem #2:

Every industry on #PlanetEarth needs a trajectory to become net zero in carbon emissions ASAP, or at worst case by 2050.

DreamSpace is here to help change this. Our mission is to accelerate housing to let humanity thrive, in harmony with our planet.

The first step is expensive, but the point is to demonstrate a vastly superior multi family building which shows just how epic high density housing truly can be.

Next is to scale fast and transition away from expensive, inefficient, sprawling city housing, all the while reducing construction and operation CO2 emissions of DreamSpace’s more desirable buildings.

As of today, DreamSpace is working on our flagship building on Lake Rd, Takapuna, Auckland.

For us, this is the #TeslaRoadster of housing: an insanely awesome place to live AND step one of our plan to accelerate the transition to net zero CO2 emission housing construction and operation.

While at first our building is low volume / high cost and only affordable to the premium market our end goal over time is to be high volume / low cost. How?


Without giving away too much, DreamSpace will achieve this with the development of our #design and #permit #technology that will not only fundamentally transform the quality and cost of housing, but will also vastly accelerate our ability to build it.


Here’s where the wealthy come back in.

New technologies are tremendously expensive without scale and DreamSpace’s beginning is no different.

As an example Apple spent $2.3B on RnD of their first iPhone. Yet that revolution in smartphones has - as of today - led to over 495mil people in Sub-Saharan Africa using $100 smartphones to run small businesses, coordinate medical supplies and get education to their children.

Billionaire #ElonMusk has spent his wealth on #SpaceX which will help deliver the internet to the most remote parts of the world, and #Tesla which is his commitment to accelerate sustainable transport - helping an entire industry leave fossil fuels behind


Of course, we didn’t start with hundred dollar smartphones or a clear path away from oil and gas. But huge investments in technologies made this so. And importantly, wealthy people and wealthy companies helped fund these technologies in the early stages.

So let’s recap #DreamSpace’s plan:

  • Build one epic multifamily building

  • Use that money to scale many, and increasingly more affordable, epic multifamily buildings.

  • Use that money to scale even faster, making beautiful homes even more affordable for even more people

  • Do this while simultaneously driving down residential property’s construction and operation carbon emissions to net zero as fast as possible.

Plan sound familiar? #secretmasterplan #tesla

It’s early days but hopefully this gives you a quick insight into the road map for DreamSpace. As #DavidAttenborough said in his #COP26 speech, our motivation should not be fear but hope.


The future can be awesome.

And we can, together, create housing to let humanity thrive - in harmony with this planet.

- Annelies Powell, co-founder and CEO,
and the founding team at DreamSpace

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